Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English

Get hundreds of Love Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English. Also get Complicated Relationship Status for Whatsapp.

A breakup is better than a future divorce.
It may be hard to control the feelings but your feelings can't give you right to betray someone
I want your hand to be the only one I hold.
I have tied the wire of my heart with yours and it will remain until that knot will be replaced by the the marriage knot.
If asking your space make her angry then you should empty her place from your life.
Everyone's space is as important as the trust between people in a relationship.
Trust and understanding are the two essential jewels a relationship asks for. Without words, without explanations and only with connect.
Marry a lady for her righteous attitude and beautiful brain.Not for her appearance. After all you need a life partner not a showpiece.
If it flies away with the space you offer them, then it wasn't worthy to make a stay in your life.
Giving them space means trusting them deeply. Making yourself know that they will never do something unjust.
Maturity is not questioning repeatedly and understand that they will talk about it if it would have been necessary.
My only wish is to see you whenever I open eyes.
Commitments fade when people only look for convenient relations not ardent ones.
It's easy to build relationships but hardest to abide by it's responsibilities.
One sided relationships are not relationships. They are compromises which might not last long.
It's hard to pull out every knot from the thread. Don't let your relations entangle just because of certain hidden feelings.
If a girl remains loyal to you even without a relationship, that girl is worth marrying to.
If you find me hiding things from you, I hope you will believe first and question last.
I know you will make every effort to get things out of my mind when they make every effort to stick and take away my contentment.
If his opinions on you and your behaviour changed by the time then probably his love is also going to fade by the time
Sticking on the same argument is the wastage of time to create beautiful memories.