Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English

Get hundreds of Love Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English. Also get Complicated Relationship Status for Whatsapp.

Ego in love causes a lot of damage to relationship.
I will never let us fall apart. And I need your support in this journey of mending the things.
Choose your lady wisely. She represents you.
It's not necesary that one relationship will offer everything. Different relations have different vibes and qualities to give. Enjoy every.
I want you to fight and argue instead of simply quitting and abandoning me.
If it's a real relationship it will have tint of shade and clouds. It won't be merry and sunny always. And this makes it interesting.
I want our good morning kisses and night hugs to be our reality soon that will last forever.
Only a potter knows how to shape his pot. You are the potter of your love. How you mold it effects it's entire journey.
Touch your lady's soul with the deepness of your love and intensity of your trust on her.
Your arms are my shelter in grief and in happiness.
Clear the misunderstanding before it can eat your beautiful relationship
I may not restrict you to take your choices but i can guide you for taking the right choices.
It takes a lot of strength and courage to trust the same way again because it's not you who stops trusting but your heart.
Locate my issues and worries not my location.
We often forget that it's the two of us that makes a relationship. So it's responsibilities should not land up only in the hands of one.
You don't need to be a carved out one. Be yourself and I will love you for your original.
Courageous are those who attempt to refine the life of others first and theirs second. This courage makes them your well wishers.
If your love doesn't pours into you the serenity, it's time for you to think.
Even if you don't have enough love you should have enough trust. Relations can't withstand without the essence of trust.
Things change between "I will do it" and "we will do it".
Relationships are like delecate threads, if we try to join the broken threads, it gets knotted.