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Yet another excuse I have to spend more precious time with you, Happy Anniversary honey.
7 years past two halves made a full lovely couple, thanks for being my better half. Lots of love.
Happy Anniversary to the most beautiful couple alive, stay the same always :)
Oh guy please put this stress away, we are on a ranger racing not ANGER racing.
Anger: Arrogance Never Gave Everyone Rest.
At times high five doesn't needs to be restricted to hands, rather face is a better option I guess!
Don't let ur anger become danger, keep calm and relax.
Haters are goona stay, just stay firm and smile back and make them hate you even more , b├žoz that's what making u shine even more.
Be it 1 to 10 or 1to 100, fall as many times.. the rise after would be extravagant.
Don't be afraid to put forward ur views, as what is meant to be, will always pave its way.
Be the master of ur own D(Dare), E(Earn), S(Strive), T(To), I(Initiate), N(New), Y(Yielding's) {DESTINY}.
Don't rush after what can be wrong, go after what can be right, stay positive and be optimistic.
Believe in urself and that's what u become- Get going !
I can do my best 2 make u happy in every possible way, but it is not so easy 4 me 2 do so.
D roads in dis rainy season carry a dirty picture of d floods on der way in the city.
Girls r a true source of inspiration 4 der loved ones in d way of der own beauty.
Toast up d real flavour of sweet memories in d form of luv bites.
True luv goes just straight from d heart 4 a special person in life.
FORGIVENESS is d sword weapon of d Strong N Mighty people who always use it.
D failure takes u 2 a great height of fear, it also teaches u a lesson 2 work mor hard nd strive 4 success in ur life.
WALK into d way of TALK straight in d path of gud approach 4 life.