Whatsapp Status in English

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It is surely d bad behaviour of sum people who poke der nose in between 2 trouble me like dis in a terrible way.
HONESTY is d cup of TEA for gud people 8 all times in a day.
I am not scared to tell you I like you, I’m scared about what you will say
I may be crazy but that does not make me imperfect
I am my own best friend as i give myself the best advice
Never do something permanently damaging because you are permanently upset
night I wake up and wonder if you meant all your promises and ‘I love you’s because if you did, you wouldn’t have left me
miss you because you left me, you miss me because I’m the best you’ll ever get
Everyone asking my age today, I would like to say that growing old is necessary, growing up is optional.
People say that I have a lot of attitude, if they knew the things that I had gone through they would understand why I act the way I do.
can’t be your priority, don’t make me a choice.
have a lot of favourite days, but nothing beats the day you became mine. Happy Anniversary.
Some people come into your life and leave behind marks, and some people come into your life and make you want to leave marks on their faces
When people meet me, they say I’m different, what they don’t know is that I’m LIMITED EDITION.
A woman is quite likely 2 get jealous of d other woman in her life, but it is not well done for both of them 8 d end.
D relation 2 a person 4 a stranger is like a desert, but it dey can walk 2gether n make der way on d road of friendship 4 life!!!
Keep ur day going wid nice thoughts n den surely u shall hav a gud day EVERYDAY.
Eat n b fit. 4 life.
Food 4 a gud mood. Prepare it well.
In the world of freedom, d children of 2day must gain awareness of their responsibilities along wid total wisdom.
I have d guts 2 b like a ruling queen n u cannot prevent me from doing this 8 all.