Whatsapp Status in English

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D dew drops dat fall on d earth r really cool n gives a sense of goodness 2 d creatures of God in a unique way.
My friends r really like a valuable treasure n dey always fill me life wid deep care n affection 2wards me completely.
U r so beautiful, Girl. U seem 2 b glowing like a Pearl.
The student who has a sharp mind is very studious and also takes it easy on the proper side of hard work.
D confidence in ur heart does not let u fall down nd also in fact makes u 2 reach at a very high level in a positive way.
It is not so easy 2 feel right after a break up, but time shall surely heal u up after sum days.
Turn on the right side of proper knowledge. It is the purest form of true wisdom.
With the pen in hand and everything grand, nothing can be more grand as a writer.
If life sucks, get up and get the star bucks.
DARING: Don Action Roar Ignite Never Giveup!
He bent, She blushed , roses all over with ring in his hand -The tears of love cuddled over both, just the perfect proposal.
Well a new day, a new beginning-Dream Big Do Big, Good Morning evry1.
Begin ur day with gratitude, the good will pour in itself.
GIRL: Girl is always roaring and laughing!BEWARE
Skies are calling, the moon is all set to shine, pillows are all calling Goodnight goodies!
Make your luck yourself , so no best of luck but all the best!
Who knew our laughing hello would one day turn into a sad goodbye :(
Burgers, Chips and Fries..The stomach just cries so bang on!
Be creative enough to be called one .
Covered with clouds the skies, blossoming -the flowers..are all wishing u a very Happy Birthday.
You gave me a reason not to trust anyone, if someone approaches simply breakup. Right?