Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English

Get hundreds of Love Relationship Status for Whatsapp in English. Also get Complicated Relationship Status for Whatsapp.

Commitment is how long you both agree to tolerate each other with all the disagreements.
Your heart belongs to me, your soul belongs to me, your smile and sorrows belong to me. You belong to me.
Falling in love with you was destiny. Staying with you is a choice.
Compromises are not a part of a relationship if even one person is not happy with that compromise.
We wanted the same things but differently.
Beautiful is witnessing each other grow. Perfect is helping each other grow.
You needn't be ahead of each other in a relation.Learn to walk together by each others side preventing the fall and withstanding the rise.
I expect you to not make me alone when our relationship will test our togetherness.
I want to make endless memories with you. Immortal they should stand.
Don't add the poison of compromises in the beautiful relationship.
Your relationship may be precious but your happiness is more precious.
Be with the one who doesn't comment on your moves rather observe them to find out your happiness.
You are home to me. Nowhere I feel comfortable but only your arms.
When you say "I am here for you", prove it by actually being there than making your presence an illusion.
Don't call your relationship off when small fights, which are normal steps in.
Find someone with whom you can sit outside, in the night and talk about everything that flashes through you.
If they caused you pain, they must have pain inside, wish them healing. But if they don't feel this pain, they never deserve your humanity.
I will stand by you and this will solve or prevent half of our problems.
Don't allow anybody to steal my place. Your hugs, your arms, your love and the entire you belongs to me.
A marriage is the strongest relationship but yet its the weakest one too
I expect you to understand some things by yourself, without my explanations and consent. Just some.