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Ask your thoughts to bring up twinkles in your eyes not the wrinkles in your forehead.
All times are good, just your intentions must be good too.
Maturity is when you understand the circumstances and then you react.
Instead of being a burden give the relief to others who are facing the burdens.
Don't curse the feelings you get for a person because it comes from a pure heart.
Your reflection doesn't look like a materialistic personality that's what make you different from others.
Your vision should only focus on the goal you want yo to achieve with it
Understand, think and then react, this is the best way to live with others.
You may regret over your decisions but you won't regret over the experiences you will get from those decisions.
If a sorry can bring some special people in your life back then say so even if you were not the culprit.
If something is bad now it won't last so don't take worries for that.
If you think you have more than enough then adopt someone and make his life easy with your extras.
If negative thoughts will stay in your mind then how will you see the world positively.
Once you give up for someone it doesn't make you for granted for them.
Facing fears of life is the best way to overcome them.
If you will get everything that you like, then how will you learn to value them.
People may use your knowledge but cannot have the same knowledge as you.
The real loving people doesn't let you go out of your reality just to show them your superiority.
A life of showoff may change your status but your reality is the only thing to give you satisfaction.
Materialistic things can make you happy but for sometime, for every time you just needs some loved ones to love you in every way.
Helping others in their sins make you equally sinner.