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Always replace a bad memory with a good memory so that you always smile after looking at them
Life without memories is like the sky without rainbow
Memories are made to bind the people who has gone far but are still near to each other.
Neither a man should expect dowry nor a woman should expect a big number salary earning guy.
Heart and mind gets together sometimes and when they get together no one can beat you.
A curtsy less person is a scar of the earth, a curse for the earth rather.
Before imposing on your heart, first check out the intentions of the person behind every compliment or criticism.
Your emotions should come out to make you realize that you are a human having a heart.
There is no perfect time to happen something, it just come as a surprise and you just start loving it anytime.
Everyday life gives a swing ball of surprises and we should always be free ady to hit it same enthusiasm.
We should learn that we can't even control our emotions so how can we control pur life.
Differentiate children only on their gender, not on their abilities, dreams, freedom and rights.
Live happily in your life by ignoring the behaviour of people who actually doesn't matter.
Just wait for the right time patiently and it will reach to you even before the defined time period.
Look back just to check how long you have come after your past..
Hey, be alerted. Universe is going to make you an elated one very soon.
Improvements keep out the best from you.
Time can never be right or wrong, it all depends on what you want to do at that point of time
Your own karmas can either spread light in your life or can drag it into darkness.
In the fear of having less time, don't ruin the beautiful time in which you are together.
Not every restriction is done to bound you, some are to protect you from something bad.