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Empty brains will always make most of the noise, they will stop you, force you towards false and constantly drag you down.
Be the knight of your life. Appreciate the powers you get and fight away the beasts.
Prefer goodness over greatness. If you are good to people and yourself you are naturally great.
The journey to freedom is not far away from success.
The journey to freedom is not far away from success.
The journey to freedom is not far away from success.
There will always exist more than one way to follow.And yes,you will be able to choose one,but till how long you will survive there counts.
You gain nothing until you loose enough. Remember, when things seems to go away, something good is finding it's way towards you.
Leave no room for sorrow, hatred, depression, anxiety, envy. You have a sweet and beautiful life, don't make it sour.
Fly and let nobody trap you, cut your wings and say, "You can't". Don't let them define your life.
Who wants to fail? Of course nobody. But life will bring failures, not once or twice but many times. You can't change it,accept and win.
It's not others luck but your incapability.
The one who dares to cut your wings, don't forget to use your claws.
The longer the ladder the higher it takes.
The silent the success, the longer it stays because it gets caught by no evil eye.
Persistent dreams don't need fate but hard work.
Don't race against destiny. Race against negativity, envy, hatred to keep your life shining with proud.
What's done is done. What's gone is gone. Learn to move on no matter how bumpy road seems to be.
You let others determine your worth by letting them know how you worth yourself.
Appreciate yourself while you wait for others to appreciate you.
Weak minds will always be easy to influence because they believe less in their "not so their opinion".