Motivational Status For Whatsapp In English

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Make sure you confess and appreciate what you like about them because they can't hear your words when they will be in their grave.
Failures are like reality checks. They let you know your loop holes better than anyone could let you know out of their biased opinions.
Press delete and make your mind get rid off the thoughts and feelings that haunt you bringing your well being down hundred times everyday.
Don't get confuse between the voices that matter and the opinions of the faceless who speak with anonymity.
Patience brings surprisingly fruitful fruit. It won't seem to bring but the results will prove it all in a go.
Break up with your bad luck. Tie knots with belief in self.
Don't beg, borrow or steal but achieve.
Not everybody is same. Also not everybody is different. Beware.
No excuses, no set backs, no hurdles, no reasons and nobody can stop if you determine to lead.
Enemies are important too. Sometimes their existence motivates you to perform better.
Without getting tangled, you will never learn to untangle things.
It's important to know are you getting the amount your giving. Excess of salt taken in is poison.
Don't let people put you in guilt. If you do, you let them hold your intellect and inner peace.
Look for donations around you before you step into a temple or decides for charity.
Carve yourself than finding shelter in others existence.
Faith is a small word but has the power to make hardest battles easy.
Dreams require no barriers only the spirit to go on.
Your destiny will take you to the destined. But it's route has to be walked by you.
Don't just invest to get reward, invest also to see the things growing in which you are investing.
Don't let false attitude shape your personality.
It takes few seconds for change to step in. When your win seems to be far, it might be near the next moment. Just don't quit.