Funny Whatsapp Status

A good perfume can make you smell good but i am sure it won't drag girls towards you.
When someone says you have put on some weight. I am like oh you noticed, come see my curves.
When I need a laugh all I do is see you
My thoughtful statuses are very much fruitful to make you updated yet upgraded. Just apply them regularly!!
She needs no weapon, she can kill anybody by her whetted tongue..........
Be proud of yourself - you are the friend of the most intelligent person of this planet(yes that is me - as per public opinion)after all.
Old is gold,gold can be mold but old people can not mold as they are too bold.
I am indebted to a date, as I took that on my plate once I was hungry!
Sometimes no joke is needed to laugh all you need to do is remember certain jokers in your life
Don't know what is wrong with my hubby?When ever I sing a song,he screams yet goes for a long run!
If you ever feel jobless then remember there are people who still watch bollywood movies going to theaters
If you love me that's good I also love me
If you don't like me no problem I like me
It is always,"once upon a time,"in starting of stories For children but there is nothing for youths like this. They have just chats.
Don't say 'You look fine' to your friend's wife in front of your wife, else she will charge you a fine definitely!
Overdose of dating causes marriage, so be careful my friend!
The weekend is ended, it is a Monday today - another week is going to begin to make us weak again!
I didn't listen the sound of the slip of my wife - I was in a sound sleep at that time!
Yes, I agree with you - marriages are the agreements for the arguments to continue between two people.....
My eyes want to praise you always, my tongue says nothing to you,what to do?
She has enlisted my name at the end of the list of her boyfriends at least, I am happy for it!