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Get urself into the divinity and serenity of God
Get urself into the divinity and serenity of God
Get urself into the divinity and serenity of God
Don't consider yourself as a human being, Just consider yourself as the wish fulfilling machine of Almighty and see the ultimate result.
No,cult is not a superstition, it will yield you the occult facalty to handle every difficult situation ultimately.Culture it sincerely.
No,I don't want a huge amount of money in my bank account but, please anoint me with your blessings God!Else I will keep annoying you.
Use your spirit to transmute yourself as a free spirit. Don't allow it to make you a devotee of success and the slave of your desires dear.
The astounding yet sound sound of Om heals you allow you to feel better always chant it regularly.
Inner peace can only be attain when anger and negativity will go outside.
Please approve my application Almighty just tell me to make a replication of my smiling face everyday -every moment rather.
Use your heart to find the real purity of every soul.
I can envision the verity anything we do, do under HIS supervision yet as per HIS provision actually.
If you can't watch your karma then you should be ready for its consequences
Good karma is not earned, it is only done by human.
When you believe that your life is hell and god doesn't exist, then he shows his real move to make you feel his existence.
People will give you negative energy more than positive, you just need to retrieve only positive ones or make negative ones into positve.
Yes, God also has a religion and that is nothing else but 'The perfect judgement.'
Divinity is powerful as MOTHER..
Kuran, bibal, japji sahib and geeta belongs to different religion but teach only one thing to do good without expecting anything in return
A wrong thought can change the character of your soul.
Every soul is pure, all we need is to see them with acceptance.