Sad Status For Whatsapp In English

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One fear can make us apart from some beautiful experiences.
Your soul could be beautiful but your face must be more beautiful to satisfy the rules of beauty created by the world.
Not every first friend remains as the last friend too.
We are surrounded by enemies only who stick around just to use us and then throw us away.
Greed will never let you to stop even if you try your best.
Your greed may give you a lot of benefits but it will take a lot of precious things and people form you including you.
Hiding truth just to get benefits with the lies is just your coward ness.
Truth can be great but lie is beautiful and this world loves beauty.
At that time too i wanted everything right, and even today i want everything right but now i know being with you is definitely not right.
Materialistic demands can make you ignore the emotional demands of others.
It is a compulsion for you - you have to exude the stainless blood of your hurt heart as a form of tears - if you are in love.
The humanity actually dies when it is overcome by either lust or revenge.
In the case of a girl no one can be trusted more than parents.
People refer their daughter-in-law as their daughter but treat her only like daughter-in-law.
The feeling of revenge doesn't only harm others even ourselves too.
Why humanity only arises when something bad happens in our own home?
Killing someone just leave a whole family in the deep shock only.
The main reason of sadness is our dissatisfaction of everything even if we have everything.
People are so fake now that your real concern is taken as your fake behaviour.
Advising someone is like creating enemies automatically.
If he couldn't respect you when you were with him, he won't respect you even after you will go so better go away from him.