Rude Status for Whatsapp in English

We have latest collection of Rude Status for Whatsapp in English. We also have Very Rude Whatsapp Status. Rude Status in English.

If you can't stand for right for someone else then don't expect it from others.
No no no. I can't give my priceless heart to a cheap person like you. Very sorry to say.
Yes, it is my turn now - but I won't punish you,I prefer to tarnish you by the glow of my success.
There are two words forgiveness and revenge.I prefer to choose the second one for you my dear
Just bow before my excellency else I won't allow you to forget about the fact - you are absolutely worthless.
Driving is a passion but drunk and drive is a way to hell.
Yes, I hold the bold decision to not to yield my golden heart to a cold eyed guy like you!
Some people are so disgusting that they don't even deserve my slipper.
I am rude because you deserves my rudeness.
I don't like you,as you have indigence of intelligence.As per my discretion,it is one of the most important ingredients for a modern man.
Sometimes the sweetest thing can be most bitter
I hate you deeply for all you did and for all you never done
I have stored all the stones you had thrown at me,now it is my turn,protect yourself - if you can!!
Allow me to take my avenge from you for your mischief first,then I will definitely forget about both of the incidents my dear enemy!
More The rude you are more the cool you look
A rude person is the most clear person they speak what's right and not what someone wants to hear
I have a attitude which people like clowns can't handle
Hey DUDE, Stay back, as I'm so RUDE....
I'm SOFT as grass... & HARD as throne too
I'm liable for what I SPEAK... And not for what you THINK
Common sense ke bina hum logon ke beech hote huye bhi alag kar diye jaate hain. Yehi duniyadari hai.