Romantic Whatsapp Status

Sometimes the only thing you need is their shoulder to lean on with your eyes closed.
My lips tell him a lie always yet my heartbeat beat my eyes, impel them to not to hide a bit of the bitter truth - I love him terribly.
Look into her eyes and let those shyness come again after a long time.
I have everything for show off, just want you so that i can show everyone my lady luck.
I just need that night that would never end and only both of us live it till the end in each others arms.
Contemplate completely decided to allow him to reside in my heart temple ultimately.
I may not be handsome but i am sure that you won't find the beautiful heart as me ever.
Your arrival brings freshness in my dull morning.
My eyes had licked all my secrecy,he knows now - I love him terribly!!
May be i am short of words in expressing my feelings but my eyes shows the depth of love i have for you.
I took so much time to express my feelings for her that made her to come and propose me in front of everyone.
Yes, I suspect that, all the aspects of my life expect your pleasant presence presently.
Yes,I am very much protective about the portrait I have framed in the wall of my heart and that is of yours darling - I must concede!
I am happy my crush didn't reply me because he could reply me then i wouldn't be able to find you my prince charming.
You make me so high with your beauty and grace that i don't even need alcohol to drive crazy.
Your life is not a fairy tale but your smile makes me feel like i am having a fairy in my life.
Gospel truth about me your aspirant eyes make my heart an aspen one - desperately always!
No I demand nothing from you just allow me to make you the happiest person of the planet Earth.
Dive in my heart which is full of pure love only for you
Don't know why but it happens -- he smiles and my heart compiles a song of happiness!!
I questioned to my destiny about my quest, destination, it indicated at your heart my darling!!