Naughty Whatsapp Status in English

Get Very Naughty Whatsapp Status in English here and let Naught Child inside you show his Naughtiness on Whatsapp.

Her body doesn't make me more seductive but her way of talking do.
No I don't know how to cook but I can hook anybody of the planet Earth very easily.Just try na, if you don't believe me!
I have a lot of fantasies with you but unluckily i can fulfill them only in my dreams.
Don't look at north, south, east,west, don't waste your time darling just jump and kill me....
Do you know something -yesterday night in my debut match I scored hundred kisses not out!!! Won't you congratulate me dear?
Whenever she made a mistake, she always finish the fight by wearing my favourite dress at night.
That moment when we forget the actual work to do and start making love.
She: Hi Me: Hello (3 days later) She: Go to Hell..
Dear destiny, give me the permission to update my status now-from single to marri..(difficult to spell for a shy guy like me,just guise).
Watching you for some minutes light the flame in my body
When ever we try to get naughty, our door bell spells a bad news!!
When I see something shaking alot It remind me when I see you walking from behind
Seeing all my body parts stands up from down to up 'all'
Whenever I see you all my body parts turn on
Open the door of your heart and allow your desires to soar..........
My heart has no cop, so scope for you to steal it - if you are interested!
My hands on your legs looks the best
He- Kaise mujhe tum mil gai..kismat pe aaye na yakeen.. Me- OMG yahan bhi trust issuee.. I can't live with you. ?
A insects last words before being killed I can make your gf scream loud than you can
People mistake a sexy imagination with naughty
You look so alone wanna meet my lips