Mother Day Status for Whatsapp in English

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MOTHER: Master of the home, earning and relation.
MOTHER: Master of the home, earning and relation.
MOTHER: Master of the home, earning and relation.
Yes i fight a lot with you mom but i also admit i am a part of you.
A mother is the one who hides her emotions to make his child to come on the right path.
Only a mother is a person in a home who can't let anyone sleep hungry.
My life started from you, molded by you, written by you but it is only for you Ma. Happy mother’s day.
Mother is a faith which is worshiped in our heart.
I know you will not go anywhere from my life, that’s why I am in love with you MOM.
Having my mother in my life is my blessing and no one in the world has any right to take her out from my life.
Mother is the only one in this world who loves and cares about us from heart
If there is any true example of love, then that is mother.
Labour pains are very painful for any woman but she bares it for her baby to take birth and get promoted to,"MOM".
Though I have hurt you sometimes, you have showered me with the same love all the time. Thank you mom. Happy mother's day?
Mom in each and every step in my life you have given me all the mental strength required. Thank you for everything mom. Happy mother's day.
It's only a mother's lape Which decide our future mape
When I hold you for the first time in my hands, forgot all the pains gone through 9 months.
The only person in this universe who loves us the most after God.
Dear Mom....It is not enough to wish you one day...You are my life line...Happy Mother's Day Mom.....
The only person for whom our happiness comes first than there's
I held your hand and learnt to walk.It is no one but you,dear Mom.Happy Mothers' day.