Kiss Whatsapp Status in English

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Yesterday evening - he came suddenly and started to make me a kiss studded lady immediately.
His kiss on forehead while sleeping gives me smile in my dreams too.
Told him to wait,as my noddle is busy to weigh -should I kiss him or not,he suddenly made my lips wet.How should I punish him?Tell me dear!
Yes I am a shy lady but won't hesitate to tell you the fact that I wish to have a kiss from you now. Don't you like my this attitude dear?
Suggest your eyes and tongue to take rest yet make your lips busy now - please darling.
He took a kiss from me, shouldn't I take revenge from him by kissing him again and again? Please my friend, give me your opinion!
Need a kiss, just give me now else I will leave you for ever.
Just one kiss - is not enough for me, expecting a million of kisses at least at a time but from you only - my darling!
Your pink lips drag me so close to you that my lips doesn't want to stay without touching them.
Don't miss the chance, come to me - as I am in a mood to kiss and dance.
Kiss is the beautiful gesture to show love
I wish i could kiss your puppy face that you made on video calls.
Please my friends, suggest him to yield me a kiss at least, else I will kill all of you - understood!!
A kiss often heals even the hardest sorrows
We kissed after a long time and it again felt like i got the person back again who was once mine.
No excuse, just kiss me instantly and then constantly!
Got a priceless gift from him today - a big KISS!
Let your lips say everything
Yes, it's only your kiss that can kill all of my enemies, hence just come and kill them, I mean to say...............
My eyes are in wait to see you to make my lips wet....
My eyes have the license to kill (you), your lips want the license to kiss (me) - as I feel!