Insult Status for Whatsapp in English

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Yes you have the indigence of indigenous intelligence. So I can't accept an engagement ring from you. I'm not so generous.
No, you don't deserve my love but you are qualified enough to avail my hatred.Don't worry you will get it adequately.
Love is a boon of God. Hence, sorry to say you dear geek, you don't deserve it at all.
You cheated me yet permitted me to kick you instantly - dear geek, thanks for that!
Some people are so annoying that there is no way other than insulting them to keep them away.
If you are not serious about your work so just get lost, don't become a burden on me and my work.
It's good to insult some people at times at the end it gives you utmost relieve
Some people deserve nothing more than insult
Some people are like flies trying to stick on everyone and annoy
Certain people just cannot be respected and they need to understand it
In your recent profile picture, you look like a decent gentleman, but I know the truth about you -- you are nothing else but a demon.
No, I can't respect you - you have to accept this ruthless truth!!
A person who respects woman is a man and a person who trust woman is a fool
Some people are so worst they do not even deserve getting insulted
Insulting is healthy for mind insult those who deserve it without any ado
Insulting is sometimes good for health just do it forget all ethics
Insulting some people is like insulting to insult
Beauty comes from inside... I am beautiful I know very well But it seems that you have outside beauty and inside dirty...
Insulting is like throwing stone on shit it will surely come back to you
I wish you even had one quality of me I did thought to teach you some then I realized you don't deserve either
If you insult someone make sure they even deserve get insulted!