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Don't destroy yourself by compromises your heart can never accept.
Hold the collar of time and ask the address of success. Don't let fear of time mislead you.
A person is happy not because everything in his life is right. It's because his attitude towards everything in life is right. Develop it.
I am not impressed by the money, social status and job title one possess. I am impressed by the way that someone treats other human being.
The only thing which kills them is your happiness. Stay sassy always.
Achievement sounds great when it comes from the hard work you put in and not stealing efforts of others.
Start to believe in quality more than quantity for a successful life
Winning battles is yet easy than winning lost trust.
My silence means I have a lot to say but I am resisting to.
If you can't be considerate towards your family who gave you life and so many years of togetherness,you can't be loyal to others around.
A time will come when you have to make choices.You will have no escape than to choose and for this you need to have faith in them.
Without risks impossibles can not be made possible. You just need to back up the risks with your hundred percent.
Appreciation will come to your way from those who have the ability to welcome your efforts, not from one who don't deserve your efforts.
The one who gave you a shoulder to cry on is an angel of your life. Be the same with them and pay back. You might never get a chance again.
If you can't work for people, don't work against them either.
Create it if it does not exist already.
Your direction will matter not your pace.
Your life is defined by how willing you are to continue that to happily.
Don't let your conscious make your hatred more unconditional than love.
You are a composition of many ingredients which makes you different of all. Let them bring you glory.
Plan less, do more. Think less, act more. Worry less, hope more.