Hug Day Whatsapp Status in English

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A hug Is the best thing one can give to someone when they are sad
A hug works like a painkiller if given on time
Your hug is like a magic a magic carpet as soon it covers me I'm free from all worries
A hug Is a remedy to all the sadness sometimes
Just hug me, make me your swag - please!
Sometimes a hug is what can make things go right
Give me a hug and make me a bug of your life!
A hug Is a medicine which can cure all stress
A hug Is something a person needs at times
Sometimes all I need to be calm is your hug
No, I won't think twice to smudge myself in any kind of struggle to avail a snug snuggle from a smug person like you my darling - today!
Say 'No' to drugs not to my snug hugs my darling! -- Please!!!
Your hug has the power to take the pains I had even from years
A moment which can be more addictive than any drug
Sometimes all someone needs to be calm and feel safe is a tight hug
You just didnt hug me you took away all my pain
A hug can save relationship and make better understand between two hearts. Happy Hug Day.
Hug your love one not only to physical contact but transfer emotions...Build your faith and increase sweetness of life...Happy hug day.
Hug means love is calling from one heart to another heart.
Oye meri jaan aakhiri baar hi sahi bs ek baar gale se lga le aur mujhe apna bna le , happy hug day
A hug is the most closest way to show how much you care.