Chocolate Day WhatsApp Status in English


I can invite a tight fight with anybody of the world just to get the chance to bite a piece of chocolate as it makes me delightful always.
Chocolates are the most sweet thing to express the most beautiful emotion of love
Eating chocolates stronger your memory so eat chocolates and become intelligent
Just take a chocolate bar, divide that yet provide that into your stomach, don''t make yourself deprived my friend!
Happy chocolate day to the most beautiful person in world someone as sweet as the chocolate
Each chocolate is like a part of life crunch nutty but at end delicious
A chocolate delivered to you with lots love half eaten but eat rest
Nothing can express my feelings more to you than this piece of sweet chocolates
Its no more just a chocolate its our feelings which we will share
I am just dying to dine chocolates now - happy chocolate day my friend!
She was angry as hell, but a melted silk made her melt instantly.
Chocolate kisi kaam aaye na aaye but ladkiyon ko khush krne ke kaam jarur aati hai, happy chocolate day dear
Tere honto se hmesha chocklate ka taste ata hai mujhe ab dairy milk se jyada pasand hai mujhe tere hont... happy chocklate day...
Chocolates are symbol of various stages of life.Some of them are tasty and some of them are sour.Happy chocolate day.
Can't wait for the Chocolate day - need to eat that now !
When I kiss you, your lips taste like chocolates.
Chocolate day sirf aaj hi nhi hai..jab tere lips ko bite krta hu..ksm se chocolate day usi din ho jata hai
Ajkal girlfriends bhi free ke sorry se manti unko paise kharch krke chocolates do tb manti hn..HAPPY CHOCOLATE DAY.
Kabhi-kabhi mere dil mai khyal ata he agar duniya mai chocolates nhi hoti to hum log apni girlfrnd ko kaise manate...
I am obsessed about it. Hence I only import it yet never impart it - yes, it is chocolate !
Girls getting chocolates from their boyfriends and i am like also getting it from them!!