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If they bitch about you, dude you are fucking great and people know that.
Don't hinder people's way because it can break your own leg.
I am always cold to the ones that make me question my intellect.
They will try to shape you every moment. How firm you are with your stance is all that will count to mark their defeat.
I tell you my past not to feel sorry but to understand why I am who I am today.
Cut off the conversations that give you no happiness but only stress and drama.
Ignorance is the tightest slap cheaters deserve.
If you let me open my third eye, you are held responsible for it, not me.
Choose one who choose you. Favor no more and no less.
World is full of advice. So why not take your own and move ahead.
Travelling in the world is better than travelling in your dreams.
Walk out with a self respect not without any respect.
Keep your standards so high that cheap people can not even think to reach there.
I choose who has to be around, whom to let it and who deserves avoidance like hell.
I am not anti-social. I am selectively social. I choose wisely.
Trust my story when it's words are from me. Not from others. For they will tell my dark side, probably not the bright one.
Sometimes being weird is fun. Feel no constraints and let yourself loose out.
Class and sass is not everybody's cup of tea.
I need my personal life, private. It's not to be made public. And so you know what I allow you to.
Only you should be the writer of your story of life not anyone else.
Be confident if you have a different kind of opinion which doesn't follow the sheep walk of people's opinions.