School Whatsapp Status in English

Schooling is considered to be the best time of your life. No worries, no formalities, no cry, and no tension‚ what else do you need in your life? But of course, schooling is not plain sailing when it comes to attend class after class on topics that are too boring. So here we come with a list of School Whatsapp Status in English that are funny as well as interesting. Instead of getting sad or cheerless, update these School Status in English on your whatsapp and make your schooling the best experience possible. If you have anything unique to share about your schooling experience, please feel free to share it here.

School life is the most amazing time of our life. When we pass out of School that is the time we Miss it a lot. With getting older so many responsibilities come on us, but when we used to be in School except Exams there were no responsibilities. So if you are Missing your School days then why not put a School Whatsapp Status in English and bring your memories back.

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