Annoying Whatsapp Status in English

Honestly, people with small minds come with rather big mouths. But now, you can weed them off! Show them the hand! Upload any of our “Annoying Whatsapp Status” quote as your Whatsapp status, and the morons may not attack you! Also, if the annoyance that you feel irks you way too much, feel free to do some of venting here! Share your Annoying whatsapp status and quotes with us and we will pay you for same too!

Now it is very easy to tell the person that he or she is Annoying you. Just copy any Annoying Whatsapp Status in English given here and put it as your Whatsapp Status. When same person will see your Whatsapp Status he or she will definitely notice it and will get to know that this Status is for him and hopefully that person will stop Annoying you further.

English Whatsapp Status