Insult Status for Whatsapp in English

Life is full of idiots. And we understand how hard it is for you to survive in this mentally challenged world. To help you, we have come up with a collection of Insult Status for Whatsapp. So instead of being rude, you can update these Whatsapp Quotes to tease them in a good negotiating style. It is more likely that your status will help you come out of the trauma that you have suffered with that jackass. Explore this great list of Insult Statue for Whatsapp in English and share it with your friends or to be friends today!

You will come across few uncivilized people who will try and make your life hell, for these people you should always be ready with some Whatsapp Insult Status. We have hundreds of Insult Status for Whatsapp in English for you. Just copy the ones you like and make that status as your own Whatsapp Status. Tell the Uncivilized person on Whatsapp that you better behave in civilized manner or else mind your own business.

English Whatsapp Status